My Favorite Tunes

Musical preferences are unique to each and every one of us! I have a very broad range of tastes when it come to music. My goal here is simply to introduce you to musical songs and artists that you may have not previously been introduced to. I hope you enjoy the mix. I will attempt to introduce at least one new musical artist each week. I use the Amazon Music app. the cheaper version – the one that comes with the Amazon Prime account, I have to save money where I can. You can download these artists and songs from YouTube, Spotify or any of your favorite music apps….usually for a subscription cost… Enjoy!

X Ambassadors “Low Life”, Featuring Jamie N. Commons

Kat Edmonson “Lucky”

Kat Edmonson “Summertime”

Kat Edmonson, “Nobody Knows That”

Gregory Porter, “Hey Laura”

Gregory Porter, “More Than A Woman”

Gregory Porter, “If Love Is Overrated”

Melody Gardot., “Your Heart Is As Black As Night”

Melody Gardot, “Love Me Like A River Does” Live Version – Awesome!

Melody Gardot, “Baby I’m A Fool”